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What is design sustainability
As people who care about the environment, how do we use our business to promote sustainability? What do we do to reduce our carbon footprint and greenhouse gases? How do we put our sense of personal, social and global responsibility into action? Here are a few ways in which Orange Bike Design is actively contributing.
  • We take advantage of today’s technology, and encourage you to use paperless and electronic communication. In order to conserve natural resources, our daily business operations include digital estimates, contracts, invoices, design comps and mock-ups. We also conduct meetings via video or phone conferencing whenever possible.

  • We advise you on recycled, post consumer paper products and green printing methods.

  • We work with local vendors and distributors in order to reduce the need for long-distance delivery vehicles.

  • We help you to figure out the most efficient use of your printed products. By closely examining your marketing demands, we advise you on printing quantities based on "real need" and in doing so avoid waste.

  • Every printed project is assessed based on it's potential environmental impact. We suggest design solutions or modifications that will serve you while still ensuring the most effective use of resources. We think about your future needs and suggest structures that are long lasting and reusable.
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