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What is Orange Bike Design
Orange Bike Design is a graphic design studio bringing a combined 25 years of design experience and expertise. We are committed to providing smart, stylish and hardworking design with an emphasis on sustainability. We love what we do—we work hard, but most importantly we have fun and enjoy doing it. We place great emphasis on working with clients who are passionate and love what they do too.

Who is Orange Bike Design
Founded by accomplished designer Shachar Lavi and artist/illustrator Audra Keefe, Orange Bike Design is the organic union of two successful careers. Like the two individual wheels of a bike, Shachar and Audra's complimentary skills propel their unique design vision forward.

Why Orange Bike Design
We have received a number of questions about what our name means..."What does graphic design have to do with bikes? So, here's what it means to us. The historic symbolism and significance of the bicycle has inspired many of the guiding principals of Orange Bike Design. As a design standard, the bike is sleek and incredibly efficient. On a social and historic level, the bicycle has played an important role in equality; it has provided an affordable means of transportation to all classes and cultures and has even been attributed to the changing role of women throughout history, (have you ever tried riding a bike wearing a corset?). The bike is also eco-friendly and greatly contributes to the health of its rider.

And why Orange?
Well it is just a cool color, isn't it?
Orange Bike Design
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